Tired of the restrictions placed by online eCommerce platform like Shopee, Lazada and 11street?

Want to take full control of your online store’s sales and marketing?

Why Get eCommerce website?

With running your own eCommerce store comes the freedom to more directly impact the customer journey and user experience:

People purchsing goods e-commerce online shopping
Friends shopping shoes online

How eCommerce website can help my business?​

By having eCommerce websites, you are being present and visible to acquire more business

Easing the process of choosing and purchase

You are empowering your customer by providing them required information to choose from your products

And when they decide to purchase your product, they can easily add to cart, checkout and conveniently  pay through payment gateways with ease

Is eCommerce website beneficial in my industry?

eCommerce industry has been growing so tremendously in the past years that every business that sells something can benefit from having eCommerce website.

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Ready to grow your business through eCommerce?

5 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Business

How your eCommerce website is built to help your business?

Your eCommerce website will prove to be a smart investment for a very long time. It will be built by taking into account multiple different aspects of business and incorporating the best solutions to your website

You can take control of your own eCommerce website marketing strategies.

You can choose to market your product by having a blog, using SEO, using Google Ads, by having a forum within your eCommerce website. There are so many possibilities that you can take to market your products and services.

Let’s discuss further to see which strategy will help to provide the best results for your business

Sometimes it takes more than one time for visitors to make a purchase with you. During times likes this, we can use technology and strategies available to us to retarget them to visit your website again.

Regardless whether we are using ads to retarget them or using abandoned cart email to retarget them, we are letting potential sales slip by you

Not all business is equal so there would be time that we need to tweak our eCommerce website to ensure that we serve our prospective customers with the right approach. A business that sell high end tech products might need to offer more detailed specification to help the visitors to make the right decision

We need to tweak our website to help it to convert visitors to customers.

To understand what our prospective customers might look for and offer it to them.

To understand what might be an obstacle in their decision making and remove it

Reporting is important for sales and marketing so much so that it can either make or break your business. When you start a business, the very first thought that would have come to your mind must have been about the growth and development of your business. Data driven decision becomes important to achieve goal of attaining high revenue.

We will help to setup reports based on orders, customers, stock and taxes so that you can have more data to drive your business to the next level

You can choose which products to upsell, to downsell and when to offer these to your clients.Even offer order bump to allow a minor upgrade for each order

Potentially earn more from each customer


What are payment gateways?

Payment gateways are authorised platforms that can provide payment options for users like iPay88, PayPal, Stripe, BillPlz. Each platform has different amount of transaction fees that they charge for each transaction.

How CAN I manage THE website upon completion?

We will provide training, guides and documentation to help you manage your site. We also have care plan where we will help to maintain and continually optimise your website

Can I give coupon or discounts to my customer?

Definitely yes. You can create coupons and discounts that you can give to specific customers and / or to all customers as part of your sales.


Yes. The more you put into marketing the site, the higher it will be in the Google search rankings.

We have special SEO packages that helps eCommerce websites to achieve this

How secure is my website since there are payments involved?

There is 2 different type of security that we want to mainly emphasise for this.

  1. For eCommerce website security, we will setup tools that will help to monitor the site to reduce security risks 
  2. In regards to payments, payment transaction happens in the payment gateway site which has additional higher security measures that is approved by financial institutions.

what if I need special add-on features for my website?

We can definitely customise your website features according to your needs. We will also guide and advise you based on our experience to ensure you get the best of our site


eCommerce website that provides beautiful customized embroidery products like pillows, towels

Platform for self publishing authors to sell their own books to their fans as well to engage with them

Ready to grow your business through eCommerce website?

If you answer to this is a yes, then download our free guide that shows 5 ways you can grow your eCommerce business

5 Ways to Grow Your eCommerce Business