10 Things You Should Know Before Doing a Website For Your Business

By Stephen Paul Samynathan on June 12, 2021

Starting online especially having a website for your business is not a walkover and is not a science of rockets. There are certain things you need to search for the biggest technology platform to launch your business. If you plan to sell your business online, here are some things you need to know before you start your business online.

Prepare a Business plan

You must figure out an appropriate business plan before you launch your business on the internet. For its growth, the business must be properly organized.

Your business plan should provide a niche in which you will work and offer you an idea of how much success you will achieve.

Target your Client and Recognize the Market

It is very important to learn marketing and sales skills to transform any company into profitable trading.

Research future customers' profiles as well as psychographic details and review their shopping habits.

See your competitor's chat to similar firms, browse your competitors' websites and try to understand their customers' reviews on social media channels. These tactics help you understand the situation of the business.

Start with a Service and Switch to a Product


Starting an online company means more time than money. It is also often recommended that service is started before a product is considered.

Get to know your customer base and then try to develop your skills. While this technique is very time-consuming, you will learn a lot about your greatest goals and your deepest pain points when working on it.

Continue to work on the service until it is complete and ready to launch your product.

Choose the best one

You need to be very specific about the kind of product you are going to sell, even though you explain how the market is built and find your business's niche.

This is a very useful piece of information for all people who want to start their retail business online – choose the right things.

Website Location and Domain Name

If you have completed planning the business concept and selecting a product, the list will include a good hosting provider. You can then start making your own website and start your online business.

It is often recommended to seek an expert's guidance if you do not know the domain name or the web.

Read more about choosing the right hosting for your website.

The Secret is Advertising

In your company's overall growth and development, a well-planned advertisement strategy can play a key role. After all, innovations and goods are ready to be sold. Your newly created company must be promoted for proper marketing and advertisement strategies.

You will extend your business to the next level through this good advertising approach.

There is quite a number of digital marketing agency in Malaysia that can help grow your traffic to your website. Compare their prices and packages that suits your budget.

The proper use of social media

The use of Social Media can be effective in marketing and advertisement campaigns. Today, some social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being used to spread business ideas and sell them.

You can quickly meet your target customers using the social media site.

Plan a list of email addresses

When setting up your business online, starting and maintaining an email list is very important. While many business promoters start with an email list, they do not keep it.

You should maintain and keep your email list regularly. You could communicate quickly to all your future customers and prospects by using an email list. To your contacts in the email list, send any content-based emails.

Email responds Promptly

Again, it could be a cakewalk to start an email list but hold it out. Therefore, you must be prompt for any questions and inquiries in your email list.

If you have an online question, you need to be sufficiently swift to answer it as soon as possible. Helping all your potential clients is extremely important to your business's healthy growth.

Manage the business operation

Finally, all the ways and means to keep your business up and running are to be decided. This process should always be ongoing as keeping the company going and being green is a refreshing act.

To achieve this objective, you have to take care of every aspect of your online business, such as:

  • Website maintenance
  • Advertising strategies
  • Corporate inventory management


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Article written by Stephen Paul Samynathan
Co-founder of Specflux Solution, he builds IT products that work. He is also running Ipoh based website design agency with his partner. If not working on client's project, he's a part of a vibrant IT community in Ipoh locally known as Digital Perak.

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