Top 7 Free & Paid Website Software & Tools to Design Your Website in 2022

By Stephen Paul Samynathan on August 11, 2022

The most famous software for the development and design of websites in Photoshop. Dreamweaver is a brilliant website software. It's best to make creating a website more comfortable, either with a drag and drop editor – where you can easily combine various elements without coding – or with a software platform that customizes web code like HTML & CSS and JavaScript.

List of Website Softwares


Website software Adobe Dreamweaver

The best web design tool in 2022. Adobe Dreamweaver is a fast technology that enables you to directly code your website design without knowing enough programming. The framework operates through a combination of visual editing and HTML coding. This ensures that the learning curve for most users should not be too steep.

Dreamweaver is available on the Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, as part of the Adobe kit mid-range application subscription plan.


WordPress is an alternative way to set up and build your web page because it's a content management system, which is very different from what we have highlighted here.

The power is that setting up a website in minutes is a simple matter. Many web hosting programs provide a single-click WordPress installation from their Control Panel, but it is relatively simple to install WordPress.

You can read the article 5 things you should know before choosing a hosting server for your e-commerce website if you plan to use self-hosted WordPress.

Also, WordPress is straightforward to use CMS and can quickly get a website online. The wide range of sample designs and other features endorsed by the group means that it doesn't take long to get anything similar to what you want. Make sure you turn off comments to prevent spam in the settings.


WiX is a website developer rather than a forum for coding, but it is one of the most famous online websites and offers various designs. This free edition has the most common (unlimited) plan and has limited storage space (500 MB) and bandwidth. There are no WiX ads available.

The design process is started quickly by an excellent set of 500 plus models. All main editing functions are built smartly and behave more like a native app than the typical website creator.


WEEBLY is a new online CMS, this time designed for people with little to no coding experience by offering user-friendly drag-and-drop resources. WEEBLY provides users with the ability to build online stores using current models to fit their website frameworks.

WEEBLY has a slightly small number of themes, but the templates are clean and professional, and there are choices for customization accordingly.

  • Professional appearance
  • Friendly for smartphone use
  • Simple to customize


WEBFLOW is a cloud-based service designed to enable web design, to begin with, people with no coding experience.

In addition to really cross-platforming, WEBFLOW illustrates the term "intelligent codelessness" as it is web-based. Firstly, this means a narrow drag-and-drop interface that allows elements such as text and images to be seamlessly placed on a page using one of the templates available.

You may also subscribe for a free Starter kit, which allows you to build up to two designs, to demonstrate their features free of charge through the Web site.


Web coding lightweight and simple to use tool 

Bluefish is one of today's least accessible web design tools. It takes just a few minutes to set up the little installer. Beginners easily understand this because it uses simple toolbars, user-specific menus, and highlights syntax.

The search feature of Bluefish allows you to search for text in multiple projects. There are also hundreds of documents managing without difficulty.


Microsoft's text editor

Visual Studio Code has become popular with developers — those who don't think it is Microsoft's product anyway. This software provides several packages and free plugins that you can download to add more functionality from its marketplace. You can customize the code editor itself.

By having a transparent coding platform, Visual studio code will help make the process less painful.

Find other tools useful for web design.

You will also need some graphics creative skills and assets if you are interested in web design. Here we will look at a few other tools and assets that you need to support correctly in developing your website:

Graphics program

  • Best tools to draw and paint
  • Latest tools for graphic design
  • Free Best Photo Editor

Stock Photo

  • The best free photo websites
  • The best video websites for free

Which website software to use?

Its all up to you. Seriously. You decide based on your budget, requirements and objective of having the website.

Some software has trial or free version where you can try before you buy or subscribe.

Make use of these website software and start building your website to grow your business.

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Article written by Stephen Paul Samynathan
Co-founder of Specflux Solution, he builds IT products that work. He is also running Ipoh based website design agency with his partner. If not working on client's project, he's a part of a vibrant IT community in Ipoh locally known as Digital Perak.

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