5 things you should know before choosing a hosting server for your e-commerce website

By Stephen Paul Samynathan on March 21, 2021

It's important to know what to look for before getting a hosting for your e-commerce website because not all the hosts will have the same features. Speed, encryption and protection, domain access, and many more are necessary to start and run your shop.

The selection of your web host server has many implications for your site. The best thing to do is:

  • Provide security
  • Provide reliable performance and operating time
  • Offer required support
  • Enable search engines easier for your website
  • Include quality of life-specific features (e.g., one-click, free domain name, CDN access, etc.)
  • Help your chosen e-commerce platform (for example, you may want to check the WordPress hosting options if you use Woo-Commerce).

Let us discuss some of the main aspects of a quality host in this context.

The top 5 tips are available to make an informed decision.

Consider server location and speed

e-commerce website speedtest

While the Internet is available globally, the location of the server affects the time of website loading. The proximity of a user to your server increases its speed and the other way round.  The longer the physical distance is, the slower your site will be.

Sadly, even an e-commerce website delay of one second can lead to a 7% loss of conversions. If you load your website for more than three seconds, visitors can leave immediately if they are on mobile devices, while desktop computers may bounce 40 per cent.

You want to make sure you have comparable location choices for each option you choose to access your servers.

Find secure encryption and security.

Encryption is the scrambling process of a data transfer. For example, to make a payment, if a purchaser submits their credit card details to your website, it must be encrypted. This protects third parties from their information being robbed.

Safe Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are one of the most common ways of providing secure encryption.

A top-of-the-line host should have a choice of certificates. You will determine the exact coverage level you need in this way.

Review the host support options for quality

Each e-commerce site can give customers help, whether it is through a live chat assistant or a ticket entry page. A quality host will do the same for your company and allow you to contact easily when questions or problems occur.

If possible, consider a host with dedicated service support teams such as billing, SSL certification, and domain settings. This will guarantee that you don't have to wait until your question is filed. You should immediately contact the right people and get the support you need.

A call center, live chat, e-mail, and ticket submission are open to the best hosts. In this way, you can choose the option that works best.

Check if a cashback guarantee exists.

One way of learning that you have a trustworthy host is to prioritize customer loyalty. If they provide a money-back guarantee, you can be assured that the host takes this seriously.

Of course, a cashback guarantee is a good start, you feel confident you have made the right choice of hosting. Often a supplier looks good on paper, but it does not work for any reason. You can trust in your decision to try out a new provider through a money-back guarantee.

See the availability of the domain name.

Finally, you will need a domain name before you launch your e-commerce site.

A high-quality hosting company can provide a domain control tool to see what options are open, and brainstorm alternate options if appropriate. At least, the name of this domain is easy to spell and remember.

Let's recap

However, you have a fair chance to choose an excellent host if you remember the following advice:

  • Please select a host with great server speed and different location features.
  • Make sure the encryption and protection you need are secure.
  • Check out the quality of the service options for the supplier.
  • Choose a host that provides a money-back guarantee.
  • Find a supplier to buy a domain name quickly.


As you can see, your host will be key to the success of your e-commerce website. A weak host could result in loss of income, increased downtime on your website, and the danger, due to lack of security, and losing sensitive information. It is important to study and find a provider who offers all of the above options if you want your e-commerce website to succeed.

Choosing the right hosting and specification might be confusing. Fret not, we as Specflux Solution, Ipoh-based website design company, not just developing your e-commerce website, but we also will assist you on choosing the right hosting company that will ensure your business can sustain the market demand.

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Article written by Stephen Paul Samynathan
Co-founder of Specflux Solution, he builds IT products that work. He is also running Ipoh based website design agency with his partner. If not working on client's project, he's a part of a vibrant IT community in Ipoh locally known as Digital Perak.

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