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Tilawah Asyraaf

A group of lecturers in University of Malaya wanted to develop a mobile application to help autistic kids to learn better.

These kids are thought in a different manner compared to conventional methods. Hence the mobile application has to be developed to suit their learning methodology.

We transferred the physical teaching method to virtual environment. We worked closely with the lecturers and a Non Profit Organization which teaches similar students to our target group.

We conducted requirements engineering to get a clear picture which helped us to produce the initial working version of this application

Discussing mobile app
Byteliber Developed By Specflux

Byte Liber​

An upcoming startup in Southeast Asia region which focuses on self publishing authors and connect potential readers to the authors. We worked together with the founders to build the initial system that allows authors to create their own books in the platform, sell the books and receive royalties based on the package chosen

This project allowed us to venture into a very niche field which focuses on self publishing authors, their process and readers who feel connected to these authors

We initially built a static website with Specflux. But then we decided we need to change it to dynamic. Not only did they changed it to dynamic they also helped us to make the design more appealing.

CCH Brilliant Enterprise

Yes, the idea and development of the app was good. It was fully received by the special needs children.

Dr. Unaizah Hanum Obaidellah
University of Malaya

I am extremely satisfied with the service provided.I have made some recommendations about your service to my friends.


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