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Let's craft high-performing landing pages that will bring revenue and increase sales for your business
Our Landing page Malsyia service can help increase percentage of lead converting to sales

Increase Conversion

We build landing pages to help you and your business to
Attract quality leads
Improve Conversion Rate

How website can help grow my business?​

Websites can be at the center of your marketing activities integrating with all the other platforms or tools that you use for marketing, connecting all these tools to help you reach your potential customers and vice versa

Providing a platform for your customer to know and reach you

Website has changed from luxury to a necessity

How landing page can help grow my business?​

A landing page can be at the centre of your marketing activities integrating with all the other platforms or tools that you use for marketing, connecting all these tools to help you reach your potential customers and vice versa

Providing a platform for your customer to know and reach you at a moment's notice

Person asking question

Utilizing landing page as an asset

Fully utilizing your landing page as an asset will help further speed up your business growth. After all, business growth is the result we are all looking for

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Why choose us to build landing page?

We deliver result driven landing page that are product of combination of methods and approaches used to bring qualified leads to your website. Thus increasing the chance of conversion

Designed From Potential Customer's Perspective

Landing page that is writen to understand customer's pain points and provide solutions will perform better in engaging customers and improve conversions

Responsive Web Design

Majority of internet search or visit  comes from mobile devices yet at the same time we can't neglect traffic from desktop device or tablets. Hence we use responsive web design, to design websites to look great across all devices


Anything that is online need to have the appropriate level of security. As will your landing. We will help to setup certain security measure to ensure visitors to your landing page feel safe and your landing page stay clear from malwares and virus

Smooth User Experience

User experience is crucial is ensuring that we can convert any prospects that visits the landing page. Ensuring that the visitor feels comfortable to use the website without much obstacles is a sign of good landing page

How we have helped our clients previously

SDCKL- Sentral Digital College Kuala Lumpur

SDCKL is committed to producing high-quality innovative and creative graduates for digital technology-based jobs by doing quality research and publications, creating strong industry relationships plus experiential learning with international study tours.

We helped them to redesign their existing website and launch a new look website. This helped them to allow users to easily access the information while ensuring SDCKL branding in spot on throughout the website


An upcoming startup in Southeast Asia region which focuses on self publishing authors and connect potential readers to the authors. We worked together with the founders to build the initial system that allows authors to create their own books in the platform, sell the books and receive royalties based on the package chosen

This project allowed us to venture into a very niche field which focuses on self publishing authors, their process and readers who feel connected to these authors
Byteliber Startup Developed by Specflux shown in different screens

Starter Landing Page Malaysia Package

RM 988
  • 1 Sales Driven Landing Page
  • Customer Pain Point Research
  • Custom Design
    • Custom designed pages for your website with designs that suit your brand guidelines.
    • Conversion Optimized Design
    • Mobile Responsive
  • Contact / Enquiry Form
    • Form configured to sent email to website admin upon submission and save the content to
      website as backup in case the email delivery failed
  • Website Speed
    • Optimization Optimize website page speed upon completion
  • Basic On-Page SEO
    • SEO Adjust basic SEO settings to help build a foundation to rank in search engine
  • Google Analytics Integration
    • Show website analytics using Google Analytics
  • Facebook pixel
    • Track Facebook user session
    • Helpful for Facebook ads retargeting
  • Floating Action Button
    • Whatsapp Floating Action Button
    • 4 hrs Website Maintenance
  • Hosting for website
    • Hosting with the following specifications
    • 20GB SSD RAID10 Powered Storage
    • 1GB Server RAM
    • SSL ( for security )
    • Powered by LITESPEED with LSCache
    • HTTP/3 and QUIC Support
    • Free Daily Backup

Ready to get a landing page to land customers that you have been looking for ?

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How long does it take to build a landing page?

Research on customer pain point could take 1 to 2 weeks. Followed by that, the landing page design and copywriting can take up to 2 weeks to build a website from start to finish, provided we have all the information from you. We will need your contribution to send all the required materials on time to ensure that we can stick to the timeline

Can I update the landing page myself?

Definitely we will also provide training and guide you on how to update the contents on the website

What if I need help to maintain the landing page after completion?

We have maintenance packages that are tailor made for situation like this. To help ease your workload and help your business

What are hosting and domain? And do I need them?

Hosting is getting a server or somewhere that we can store all the info and files for the website in the cloud so that these data can be accessed from anywhere.

Domain is like your website codename like It is how people can access your website.

So we will definitely need both of this to ensure people from every where can access your website

Can anyone be able to find my website?

Using the domain (codename) yes. But if you are referring to getting traffic from search engines like Google, then we will have to do something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to bring up your website ranking.

You can get more information on that here

Can I fix my old website instead of starting with a new one?

We will need to check your current website and audit it. If underlying technology that was used is still up to date or can be used without concern then yes.

However at times, building a new website can prove better ROI rather than fixing the current one

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