Lead Magnets: Why They're So Important (+21 Examples)

By Stephen Paul Samynathan on September 19, 2022

When someone signs up for your email list, you've got a new customer. But how do you get them back again and again? It turns out that most people won't sign up for your emails unless you offer something really valuable to them first.

To build a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to offer them value. And the best way to provide value is by offering them a gift. This is called a "lead magnet".

A lead magnet is any type of content that provides value to potential customers before asking them to buy anything from you.

For example, you could offer a free report, eBook, checklist, cheat sheets, etc. as a way to attract new leads.

These types of services allow you to easily create landing pages where visitors will enter their information. Once they submit their contact info, you can send them a thank you page, sales letter, or whatever else you'd like.

I'm going to share with you 21 examples of lead magnets that work well for many different businesses. Then we're going to talk about why these lead magnets work so well and how you can apply them to your own business.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn inside...

Definition of Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet can be defined as content that offers value to potential customers before they ask you to buy anything from you

It is usually done in exchange for potential customers' contact details.

Lead magnets can take many forms, but they usually have the following characteristics:

- They are free

- They are downloadable (usually PDFs)

- They are easy to digest

- They give potential customers an incentive to fill out your form


What makes a good lead magnet

Two main things make a lead magnet effective:

The quality of the content

This refers to the actual content itself. Is it useful? Does it answer questions? Does it help solve problems? These are all important factors when creating a lead magnet.

If the content isn’t useful then there is no point in giving away your time and effort to write it.

If the content doesn’t answer questions then it may not be helpful to anyone.

And if the content does’ t solve problems then it won’t help anyone.

How easy it is to collect the data

When creating a lead magnet, one of the biggest mistakes I see people making is putting too much effort into collecting the data.

They spend hours writing great content only to find that nobody wants to fill out their form.

So instead of spending hours on content, spend those hours testing different ways to collect the data.

You don’t want to waste your time on content that nobody wants to use.

Instead, focus on finding the easiest way to collect the data. That way you can still create high-quality content without having to worry about collecting the data.

Examples of lead magnets

Below are some examples of lead magnets that I've used myself.

1. Free Report

Office workplace table with reports
Office workplace table with reports

One of my favourite lead magnets is a free report.

People love getting free reports because they know that they are valuable.

But more importantly, they also know that filling out the form means that they get access to the report.

That gives me the opportunity to sell them something later down the line.

2. eBook

Example of our lead generation lead magnet ebook

Another example of a lead magnet is an ebook.

Ebooks are very popular because they are portable and it represents a content-rich item.

Anyone who downloads the ebook has the chance to read it.

In addition, ebooks are often easier to collect than other types of lead magnets.

For instance, you could send out emails asking for people to signup for your newsletter or fill out a survey.

However, most people aren't interested in doing either of those things.

But once you send them the ebook, they will definitely open it due to the perceived notion of a book being higher in content value

3. Checklist

Checklist with number
Checklist with number

A checklist is similar to an ebook.

It's just a list of items that you want people to check off before buying from you.

I like to use checklists because they're simple and quick to create.

Plus, they're really effective.

A few years ago, I was working on a project where we needed to test websites for usability.

We had hundreds of sites to look through so we decided to make a checklist.

We put together a list of 10 things that every website should have.

Then we sent out an email to our subscribers telling them what each site lacked.

The result?

Our subscriber count doubled overnight.

4. Case Study

Case studies are another type of lead magnet.

They're basically stories about real companies that have been successful.

These stories usually include testimonials from happy customers.

These stories are extremely powerful because they show potential clients that others have succeeded.

It is also valuable as it might project an image of how a company from a certain industry can be successful.

5. White Paper

White papers are another type of lead magnet.

They're long documents that explain a topic in detail.

I like white papers because they're detailed and prove of one's in-depth knowledge of the topic

Plus, they provide value to readers.

If you write a good white paper, you'll be able to build trust with your audience.

6. Video Tutorials


Video tutorials are great lead magnets.

They allow you to teach people how to do something.

And since video tutorials are short, they're easy to share.

7. Webinar

Webinars are one-way communication tools.

This means that you only need to set up the webinar once.

You don't need to worry about sending reminders or gathering responses.

This makes them perfect lead magnets.

8. Cheat Sheet

Cheatsheets are another type of lead generator.

They're a collection of information that you want to share with your audience.

9. Worksheet

Worksheets are similar to cheatsheets.

They're also a collection of information that needs to be filled out.

10. Survey

Surveys are yet another way to generate leads.

People love surveys because they give them immediate feedback.

Plus, surveys help you learn more about your audience.

So if you've got a new business idea, try surveying your target market first.

11. Free Report

Free reports are another type of lead generator.

They're free resources that you can offer to your audience.

13. Infographic


Infographics are visual representations of data.

They're especially helpful when you need to convey complex ideas quickly.

For example, pie chart and bar graph allows us to view data in a visual way that is easy to understand and interpret

14. Slide Deck

Slide decks are presentations that contain slides.

Slides are a great way to communicate visually.

15. Calculator

Calculators are useful lead magnets.

They let people know exactly how much money they'll save by using your product or service.

16. Free Shipping

Free shipping is another type of lead magnet that helps you get sales.

It's a win-win situation.

Your customers will appreciate getting their products at no cost.

And you'll earn some extra cash.

17. Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are another type of lead gen tool.

They work well because they're targeted toward specific audiences.

18. Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are another type of lead generation tool.

They're a form of currency that lets people buy your services or products.

19. Free Consultation

Free consultations are another type of lead-generating tool.

They let people ask questions without feeling pressured.

20. Quiz

Quizzes are another way to collect leads.

They're fun and engaging.

21. Free Trial

Free trials are another type of lead marketer.

They let people test your product or service before buying it.

An example of a business using this lead magnet would be Netflix. We have written an article explaining in detail how Netflix's sales funnel works here.


In conclusion, lead magnets are freebies that entice visitors to take action. They can include anything from ebooks to white papers to checklists. But whatever it is, it should have value to the reader. And if you're looking for ways to generate leads, consider using lead magnets.

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Article written by Stephen Paul Samynathan
Co-founder of Specflux Solution, he builds IT products that work. He is also running Ipoh based website design agency with his partner. If not working on client's project, he's a part of a vibrant IT community in Ipoh locally known as Digital Perak.

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